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Lumivision Eye Clinic is a dedicated Eye treatment Centre which offers patients bespoke care and treatment for all eye related conditions including Laser Eye Surgery and Cataracts. All our consultations and treatments are delivered by Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons who pay rigorous attention to detail, we will not delegate any pre-op work to optometrists. Our patients will only be seen by the surgeon who is going to operate on them as we have a strong belief that continuity of care provides the best results and the most satisfied patients. We strive to deliver the highest quality and standards of care with the latest instruments and facilities at our disposal.

We are conveniently located in the Midlands with ease of access by both public transport as well as by road from across the UK. We have ample parking in our on site car park.

Lumivision was founded by Mr Jain who had been an NHS and Private Consultant Ophthalmologist for nearly 15 years prior to opening his own private clinic. The motivation behind Lumivision was to provide Consultant led care to patients at an affordable price. All our patients are seen by a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon who will also be the one performing the surgery. Unlike most high street clinics we do not outsource any of the ‘initial workup’ to optometrists as we believe continuity and accountability of care is vital to gain trust. Many patients come to us from other clinics after they have been dissatisfied that they were told one thing at their initial consultation with an optometrist, but then had a completely different opinion when they met the surgeon. We do not believe in this model and believe that our patients’ time is valuable and hence they should only see the consultant who will be performing their surgery, right from the start

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“Complete patient satisfaction from the first consultation to the final post operative check is our ultimate goal.”

World Renowned Surgeons

With Over 30 years Ophthalmology experience, rest assured that your vision is in safe hands.

Bespoke Assessments

We customise our treatments according to individual patients' requirements and corneal measurements because each individual is unique.

Advanced surgical techniques

To go with the most experienced surgeons we have the latest advanced technology to assist them achieve the best results. 100% of our patients have achieved driving standard vision without glasses after laser eye surgery.





An Ophthalmologist is a medically qualified doctor who has been to medical school for 5-6 years, completed jobs in different specialties in hospital and has then gone on to complete a minimum of 7 years of training as an Ophthalmologist where they develop both surgical and diagnostic skills. Only an Ophthalmologist can perform eye surgery after approximately 15 years of study and training.


Optometrists study optometry at university which is usually a 3 year course. Their main responsibility is refraction; which is the testing for and prescribing of glasses and contact lenses. They also act as a valuable practitioner to provide primary eye care and advise patients if they need to be referred onto an ophthalmologist if they find anything unusual in their eye examination. An Optometrist cannot perform eye surgery and is not trained to do so.

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