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  1. I had lasek laser eye surgery at the Lumi Clinic. The Surgeon Dr Jain is brilliant, he makes you feel welcome the moment you arrive. He is caring gentle and always helpful.

    From the moment you make your initial appointment to the surgery and the complete aftercare and followup appointments, he is conscientious and just a phoncall away. I whole heartly and sincerely recommend him and the clinic to anyone who is thinking about eye laser surgery.

    DR Jain is what every doctor should aspire to be.

  2. I had lasik procedure in both eyes in early august 2008. Overall it has been a fantastic experience from my first consultation to my eye surgery.

    My eye sight was extremely short sighted so it is wonderful to be walking around without glasses. I found the clinic and DR Jain very professional and he explained with great care and attention the procedure and risks/rewards associated.

    I found him very thorough and helpful with my questions and concerns. On the day of surgery, his staff nurse, technician and Dr Jain made me feel very comfortable and it was over before I knew it. The aftercare has been excellent and Dr Jain is available to call any time.

    I would not hasitate to recommend Dr Jain and the Lumivision Clinic.

  3. I’m one of those people who are tired of wearing glasses and contact lenses. I’ve been researching about laser eye procedure months ago but I couldn’t make up my mind becauase I was afraid of getting my cornea cut. Thanks to Dr. Jain for the thorough consultation that make me not to hesitate to take a chance.

    Having my vision permanently corrected has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Being able to see clearly wihtout wearing glasses is truly amazing. To anyone who is considering a laser eye treatment, I would highly recommend for Lumivision Laser Eye Clinic, where you can get the excellent service and customer care, together with friendly and efficient staffs.

    Again, many thanks for everything.

  4. I had Lasek Wavefront laser eye surgery in the Lumivision laser eye clinic. It is a life changing experience for me as I wore glasses everyday.

    I found the clinic to be very professional from the first consultation right up to surgery. Dr Jain made me feel very welcome, explained all the risks and rewards associated with the surgery. His staff were very friendly also. The aftercare is excellent and Dr Jain is only a phone call away no matter what type of query.

    My vision after 10 days was better than 20/20 and continues to make me feel better and my night vision is also excellent. I would definitely recommend Lumivision laser eye clinic to anyone who is thinking about getting it done.

  5. I had Lasik Wavefront eye surgery on June 13th 2008 and I have never experienced such an easy and quick surgery in my life. Dr jain is so friendly and patient, he puts you completely at ease. I now have better than 20/20 vision and my only regret is not getting it done years ago. I whole heartedly recommend lumivision to anyone thinking of laser eye surgery.
    A huge thank you to Dr jain and his staff for changing my life.

  6. I had Lasek Wavefront surgery on 22nd of august and although I was very scary at first Dr Jain gave me confidence and everything went very good. I got driving vision one day after my lasek wavefront surgery and after 10 days my vision is 20/20 in right eye and 20/25 in left eye. I am very happy with the results and I have to say this surgery is really making my life different and much more comfortable as I don’t depend on glasses and even better I don’t depend on contact lenses.

  7. I had Lasik Wavefront surgery on the 17th October – without Wavefront. The surgery went smoothly and now I have perfect vision. I have no problem driving at night time. I can see clearly without glasses. This surgery has made a difference to my life, feels more comfortable without glasses. I fully recommend Lumivision Laser Eye surgery.

  8. I had Lasik Wavefront surgery on the 17th of October. I was a bit nervous at first but Dr. Jain gave me great confidence and courage. I could not believe the next day how I could see so good. I am very happy I did the surgery and I would recommend it also. I do not have to wear glasses or contact lenses any more. Thanking you. I have 20-20 vision.

  9. I had lasek wavefront for my long-sightedness and delighted with the outcome.
    After care is excellent and I recommend this clinic and Dr Jain highly to anyone seeking laser eye treatment.——

  10. I had lasek surgery on 28th July 2008 . I had astigmatism of +4 and had been told that I would not be able to have laser eye surgery. When I came to Lumivision Dr Jain reassured me that I could have surgery. I was extremely nervous but the doctor and nurses were very helpful and kind. I now have better than 20/20 vision in the left eye and just about 20/20 in right eye which was my lazy eye always. I never could even wear contacts. Now I am 42 and having had to wear glasses all my life, I am extremely happy with not wearing them now, thanks to Dr Jain.

  11. Nov’08

    I had Lasek Wavefront Surgery less than two weeks ago in one eye and now have better than 20/20 vision. I was terrified to have the surgery and everyone helped to calm me through the procedure. Now my only regret is waiting so long to have the procedure. Dr. Jain was always there throughout the process to answer questions and make sure the recovery was problem free.

  12. I had lasik-wavefront on 7th November 2008 and it’s been one of the best things that have happened to me so far. The money best spent ever. I have 20/15 vision which is better than the average and got rid of my glasses and contact lenses. From the first consultation all through to the post op and check- ups I felt I was in very good hands. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of getting it done and it is absolutely painless!!
    Thanks very much Dr Jain

  13. I decided to have lasik wavefront with lumivision. Having spent some time researching the procedures and looking at other clinics online, I opted to go with Dr Jain and Lumivision.

    After a very through initial assessment on Thursday, I felt completely comfortable that all my concerns were addressed and was booked in for the procedure on Saturday. A very helpful nurse on hand before the procedure and all went very smoothly. The approachability and flexibility as well as quality care is to be recommended. I’m only sorry I didn’t do it before now!

  14. Delighted with my new eyes. Thank you Jain and your team. You made it all very simple and quick and without pain.

    I wish you well with your business.
    All the Best.

  15. Dec’08
    I had Lasik Surgery. Went according to plan. Aftercare perfect in all ways. Have recommended to friends to come here. Wish Dr. Jain every success in the future.

  16. 14/12/08

    Very pleased with the results of Lasek treatment. After 3 weeks my vision is 20:20 and everything has healed perfectly.
    Sincere thanks to Dr. Jain and his team who gave me excellent care during and after the Lasek Treatment. Wishing you all the best, a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Regards Mary Hannigan.

  17. 20/12/08

    I am delighted with the result of my surgery. I had both eyes done one week ago today and I had 20:20 vision by the 1st day Post Op. It is wonderful to be able to see without glasses or contacts. I should have done it years ago!
    Many thanks to Dr. Jain and his team.

  18. 29/12/08

    Just to say a few words about my Laser Eye Surgery, the improvement I have with my sight is super and I would advise anyone to get the surgery done. Dr. Jain and his team made it so simple and were brilliant. Happy New Year to you all.

  19. 04/01/09

    I had Lasek on both eyes. Amazing improvement. Great follow up. Dr. Jain rang me after the operation to check out how I was. Thank you very much.

    Peter Nolan

  20. 17/01/09

    I had Lasek treatment a month ago and the difference I felt within a few days was amazing. I used to wear glasses/contact lenses everyday and it really feels like a miracle. I would recommend LUMIVISION to everybody. The staff and treatment and aftercare are very efficient. It is definitely the best decision I ever made.

  21. 17/01/09

    I had Lasik Wavefront before Christmas and after a few days I left my glasses in the drawer (broken at the time) and forgot about them. I can now play soccer, see the players and the balls and enjoy the countryside.
    Thanks to Dr. Jain for his professionalism and his staff for their kindness.

  22. I had Laser Eye Surgery (Wavefront Lasik) and the result is FANTASTIC. I have never seen an easy operation like this before, and Dr. Jain is very professional and he explained all the steps and the way the surgery is done. My vision has improved and I thank Dr. Jain and his team for the good job they did because the eyes or the sight are the most important thing in our body and now my vision is good. I would like to again thank Dr. Jain and his staff for the good job and I advise people to get the surgery as it is very easy, quick and efficient.


    Philippe Jolly.

  23. Had Lasek on 21/02/09 – Absolutely thrilled with Dr. Jain, Sadhna, Tracy and Edel. The staff could not have been nicer or more reassuring. Will continue to recommend Lumivision, having already recommended Dr. Jain to family and friends. Have 20/20 overall already. Right eye perfect, left eye, just a little more to go!! Early days yet!! Thanks so much to all of you.

  24. I had Lasek surgery performed in Feb’2009.
    Everything that Dr. Jain said would happen, did. Dr. Jain and his staff are a credit to their profession.

    I can’t stop telling people about this procedure and what it’s like to see things in high definition.

    Thank you for helping to change my life!

    Nick Walsh
    Search and Rescue Diver
    Drogheda River Rescue and Recovery Service

  25. After 3 years of getting the confidance up to have laser eye surgery and consulting with every offering company I came across, my only 2 regrets are 1) I didnt meet Dr. Jain and his staff sooner & 2)I wasted nearly 3 years for this 10 minute surgery…

    I had Lasek eye Surgery on 21 February 2009 and I would only recommend Dr Jain and his team for the job. If only the rest of the country could run as clockwork as this!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


  26. The surgery will be a life changing experience. As I used to wear glasses a lot, it was difficult to cope playing sport and outdoor activities which I am especially fond of over the years. Quite soon at will all be in the past. Due to my delight, I have recommended Lumivision to friends as I know it will help them in all aspects of their lives as much as it has helped me…. Lumivision is probably one of the best decisions I have made.

    Thank you again Dr. Jain, now I can see Mayo lift the Sam this year!!!!

  27. I got lasik wavefront done on the 14th of March 2009, and I am delighted to say I have perfect vision. I was extremely apprehensive about anyone touching my eyes, hence could never wear contact lenses. My procedure was complete in about 10-15 mins and I felt no pain what so ever, so if you are thinking of getting it done don’t wait – its one of the best decisions you can make and Dr Khan has a lovely manner and makes a person feel totally at ease, once again – Thank you.

  28. I had laser eye surgery done on April 18th’09. My only regret is not having it done sooner! Dr. Jain is excellent and I have recommended him to many friends. I no longer need to wear glasses and cannot believe how well the surgery went. I had Lasik done. I followed all of his directions and used the drops as advised and no complications or adverse side affects whatsoever.
    Thanks Dr. Jain, I am eternally grateful. No more glasses!!!

  29. Thanks to the doctor and all of his staff for great treatment and friendly care all the time! I am very happy with my vision after laser eye surgery.

  30. I had the Lasek done for my 21st birthday. I’ve been short sighted for ten years prior to the surgery but now I can see anything and everything. It has utterly improved my life, I no longer need to buy glasses every few months and I can actually see the ball in a game of football. As for the surgery itself, everything Dr. Jain said would happen, did. For some mild discomfort on the first day, I now have perfect vision. The aftercare service was impeccable and Dr. Jain and his staff are the most approachable and accommodating professionals I’ve ever met. I would fully recommend anyone who is considering surgery to attend Dr. Jain, they will not be disappointed. I owe him a lot for the experience. Thank you.

  31. I had laser eye surgery on the 30th June’09 at the age of 26. Having been short sighted for 10 years it has been a life changing experience. The staff have been fantastic and very helpful in any worries. On the day of surgery they completely put me at ease. I wish to thank them for everything and for changing my life.

  32. I AM SO HAPPY!!!! I was so scared to do it, but I am thrilled beyond words! It was so quick, and I feel and look younger already.
    Thank you so much for relaxing me and holding my hand during the procedure. Your staff were amazing!

    You have changed my life.

  33. I got the wavefront procedure done on May 9th’09. I was nervous going in but the staff and Dr. Jain put me at ease. I found the whole experience relaxing and had no pain, and could see brilliantly the following day. As a mother of 3, having bad eyesight really affected my life, not anymore, yippee!!
    I would like to thank all of the people involved for changing my life.

    Thanks again.

  34. Just had the one month check-up and I have got 20/20 vision again. It is amazing
    And my mind is now back to before I needed glasses. I don’t know how I put up with glasses for so long. A new sense of uninhabited confidence and brightness about life.

    Procedure is so quick and really you are in and out within ten minutes. Everything is explained to you and really the risk is minimal. I can now see my 6 month old son and not have my glasses broken!

    Also for the first month you get to feel like you’r in Hollywood wearing shades all the time. Experience worth having!

  35. Would highly recommend having the procedure done. Regardless of whether you’re squeamish!! I found the procedure a little uncomfortable, but that was due to my own paranoia and it was all over before I knew it. A truly life changing experience.
    Thank you so much Dr. Jain.

  36. I can see, I can see, I can see!!! There are no words to describe how wonderful this is. Thank god for science! And thanks Dr. Jain, great work!

  37. I had laser surgery done 30th May. The difference is unbelievable. To be free of glasses and contacts after 27 years is wonderful. I highly recommend laser eye surgery and Dr. Jain and his staff are brilliant.

  38. I had surgery in February 09 with Dr. Jain. My sight is still fantastic and I am very grateful for what he has done for me.
    Many thanks for his skills and manner. He is a good man.

  39. Amazing, truely amazing. Would recommend laser eye surgery greatly, but also Lumivision. Very professional one on one approach,and very welcoming. Staff very friendly from first consultation to check-ups,everything has been perfect. Dr. Jain was great, tried to fit times around me which is why I choose Lumivision. Everything he said,happened and I was well prepared.Happy with everything.Sp much thanks to Dr. Jain and all the staff.

  40. Would highly recommend this service. Very nice people, highly trained, and excellent service all round. Would recommend this service to anyone. Thank you for everything.

  41. This was the best thing I have ever done. I’m delighted with the results. Thanks a million to Dr. Jain and all his team.
    16/ 1/2010

  42. I have been wearing glasses and lenses for 20 years. I got the Laser surgery and I couldn’t see properly during the first 10 days. After that my eyesight got better and better and 3 weeks later it is as good or better than when I was wearing lenses. 2 weeks in exchange of 20 years I think is very well worth it!
    Thanks to Dr. Jain and all the team!

  43. I was wearing glasses for 11 years and then decided to get eye laser surgery. I was so nervous going in, I actually felt sick with worry. The procedure took about 20 minutes and I felt no pain at all. The staff were brilliant and I am delighted with the result. I would highly recommend it to anyone wearing glasses. The aftercare is great also. Thanks Dr. Jain.

    Mary Kelly (5th June 2010)

  44. I had my surgery with Dr Jain. He was fantastic and so were his team. I have been very short sighted for years and wore glasses and contact lenses. ( What a pain ) Looking back I should have done it sooner. I feel like a new woman. I would highly recommend it. Just do it and you will “see”.
    Jacinta Crawley 20th June 2010

  45. Having the laser surgery done was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am in the Irish Army and a very active person so wearing glasses or contact lenses didn’t suit my lifestyle. Lumivision was the first place I came for a consultation and after talking to Dr. Jain I was happy enough to have my surgery with him. I had Lasek done and within 2 weeks my eyesight was perfect. I would like to thank Dr Jain and his team for doing such a good and professional job. Thank you.
    Darren O’Hanlon

  46. I had laser eye surgery yesterday with Dr Jain and feel that it went exactly as I had anticipated it would. Dr Jain is an extremly competant surgeon. Thank you very much, Ciaran Byrne 20 June 2010

  47. I have had laser surgery with Dr Jain, one eye distance and one eye for short. While I would use glasses for prolonged reading I can do without for ordinary day to day activities. My long distance got better and better over juwt ten days. Dr Jain has given excellent back-up service, is always very helpful. B.Doherty Sept 2010

  48. I have been wearing glasses since I was 12, when UI decided to get laser surgery I felt nervous but I dunno why, it was over before I knew it. The results are amazing it is the best decision I have ever made. D Madigan November ’10

  49. I have never looked back. The simple things like not getting your glasses wet in the rain and not having to clean the mist when you enter a hot room.
    Sight even better than when I had glasses. Op. is quick, easy and painless. Best investment I ever made! Paul 13/11/10

  50. After 15 years of wearing glasses I can’t thank Dr Jain and his team enough for giving me back my sight. I was so nervous yesterday when I came in but Dr jain and ray reassured me that everything would be fine. Less than 24 hours after surgery and I can see everything. My only regret is I did not do it sooner. Thanks for everything.


  51. I got laser eye Lasik surgery on 29th April 2011. All I can say is it is the best thing I have ever done. 12 hours after the surgery I had 20:20 vision. Surgery was scary but over very quickly. Thank you very mcuh to the staff at lumivision.

  52. I got laser surgery done on 19th FEB 2011. I am so happy six months later. I can play with my children freely and I can feel the wind blowing on my face and eyes and it is so exciting! It is like a gift to me and I wonna deeply thank Dr Jain and his team, specially to Dr Jain – You are doing a great job.

    I can see you are passionate about what you are doing and that is a precious lesson to be learnt by all of us- you have changed my life!
    Thank you and may god give you health and keep your passion burning because it helps people like me tremendously.

    Yours truly
    Christina Toth

  53. Thanks to Dr Jain who with the surgery has made my vision perfect. No more getting up in the morning and putting on contact lenses or glasses. All the staff were great and very welcoming. The surgery was quick and easy and the results after two days were unbelievable. Thanks so much. This is especially good for people who play sports as there is no glare like I used to have from wearing contacts.

    Ciaran Brennan

  54. I have been wearing glasses for 26 years. The whole procedure was very quick and my vision was perfect after a week. I was really happy with the follow up consultations and Dr jain’s availability (phone/email). The first week after the surgery was amazing.I should have done this for years.


  55. I had my treatment yesterday. I was looked after sooo well! I am really happy about the results and it is only my first day after the laser! Paradise feel real! I am really happy about the results. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s really the best laser clinic in all ireland. Thanks Doctor and all team.
    Yours Sincerely
    Oresta Tolevicuite

  56. I had my treatment yesterday, I was looked after sooo well. I was delighted with the result. I am so happy. I recommend this clinic to any one. Goodbye Glasses.

  57. I had Laser treatment with Dr Jain in early May. Cannot describe how wonderful it feels to no longer wear glasses. Priceless. I was nervous, naturally, but thanks to Dr Jain and Ray for being patient and relaxing me, by the time I had the surgery I was calm. After 20 years of being short-sighted its great to have my sight back. So I can only praise Dr Jain for his kindess, professional service and patience. I hope that the future will be very good to him. I came from Galway to Dr Jain as I heard he was the best 14/05/2012

  58. I don’t know what to say but this is life changing. From not being able to swim or see 15 foot in front to super duper 20/20 vision.. I suffer from nervous desposition and this was just so easy. 10 minutes and it was done. No pain at all NONE!! Dr Jain changed my life, if you need any advice from me just look me up on board.ie my name is caiimhin7. I am a real person and have been through this, do not hesitate to get this surgery done! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  59. Very happy with Dr Jain. I was very nervous but now I am glad with what I got done. I would advise anyone to get this done.

  60. I am very happy with the results. Amazing doctor. Surgery was very easy and painless, aftercare is great. I would recommend everyone to have this done.

  61. I am really happy having undergone eye surgery at Lumivision. Doctor was really professional and everything is going smoothly after 12 hours. Dont be scared and try it. My life will be changed for sure.

  62. Everything Dr.Jain said and advised me on has been 100%. I can now play with my daughter without having my glasses taken off me. It has changed my life. Highly recommend.

  63. Everything Dr.Jain said and advised me on has been 100%. I can now play with my daughter without having to take my glasses off. It has changed my life, highly recommended.

  64. One week on and I’m delighted with the results. Dr. Jain and staff were very caring and friendly. Will definitely be recommending Lumivision to friends!

  65. Really really happy with my treatment, aftercare is so good, I know I can pick up the phone if I have any problem what so ever. very happy I decided to go with Lumivision. Thanks a million Dr.Jain no more glasses!

  66. Everything Dr. Jain has said and advised me on has been 100%. I can now play with my daughter without having my glasses taken off me. It has changed my life. Highly recommend.

  67. I am very impressed with the laser surgery. I’ve just had my 6 week check up and my vision is excellent.Huge thanks to Dr.Jain and his team, who have been incredibly informative, patient and considerate. I would highly recommend Lumivision to anyone I know who is considering laser surgery.

  68. I am very happy with the service provided. Very professional and excellant results. I would highly recommend Lumivision to anyone seeking LASIK surgery.

  69. Absolutley fantastic experience. I’m on my 1st day after surgery and my eyesight is perfect. I’ve experienced no pain or discomfort and even before the surgery I was quite scared but I was talked through exactly how I would feel, what I would smell and what I would hear which completley relaxed me as it was all true. Very, very happy!

  70. I am just back for my 1 month check-up.Everything went great, surgery wasn’t sore,next day vision great(bit sensitive to sun) so happy I got it done and would recommend Dr. Jain to anyone. Thanks 🙂

  71. I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Jain and his team for their amazing work. The results are just beyond expectations. I have never had such a great view in my entire life. Merci beaucoup!

  72. It has been 3 weeks sonce my Lasek procedure.The results are brilliant, I had been wearing prescribed glasses for more than 10 years.With -4 on both eyes it was very uncomfortable to do anything sports, gym etc. Now I see life beyond my glasses, its fantastic! Only the first day after the procedure was painful but on a long run its worth it. Dr Jain and the team have been really helpful. After seeing life at a different angle, I recommend Lumivision.

  73. Just got my months check-up after my surgery. Delighted I can see everything. 🙂 Waited 6 years to get it done. Highly recommend Dr Jain to anyone!! Thanks

  74. Really happy with the procedure. Made such a difference to my life. Everything is clear and vibrant. The procedure was explained to me, as well as the the aftercare. I was very happy with all the care in Lumivision and have already recommended it to others.

  75. I am very happy with the service provided. Very professional and excellent results. I would highly recommend Lumivision to anyone seeking Lasik surgery.

  76. This is the definatley the best money I have ever spent. 5 hours after the surgery I was watching TV and when I woke up this morning everything felt normal, like nothing had happened, except perfect vision. I would recommend it to friends and family. Thanks to all the staff as they were absoultey fabalous and put me at ease before, after and during the surgery. PS I came all the way from Cork for Lumivision!

  77. After needing glasses for most of my life and hesitating over laser eye surgery for years, I finally got it done at Lumivision three months ago. It really is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The thought of getting the surgery was daunting, but I was made to feel at ease and couldn’t believe how quick and easy it actually was! It really wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. Dr Jain and his team are fantastic and aftercare has been outstanding! I can guarantee that other mainstream laser companies won’t be able to offer as good aftercare as here. The results are amazing and I can’t believe how good my vision is now, thank you!

  78. Dr Jain is a fantastic eye doctor, who sits down with you and explains everything in a clear and concise way; he gives you all the time you need and doesn’t rush in any of the consultations. I had my eye surgery a few weeks ago and I now feel like a new person! My eye sight is great! I now wish I had this laser eye surgery many years ago. I highly recommend this clinic.

  79. Mr Jain is a fantastic consultant. From the assessment through to the procedure and after care, it was all excellent. I can’t recommend this fantastic clinician and clinic enough. Anyone considering to have laser eye corrective surgery – I highly recommend it here. He was also flexible with appointments which helped lots. On site parking helped especially straight after the procedure.

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